Friday, November 14, 2008

"While the dealers they get together And they decide who gets the breaks And who's going to be in the gallery" Dire Straits

I live in a box of paints
I am frightened by the devil
And I'm drawn to those ones who ain't afraid

Joni Mitchell

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Avanti Cafe for the after 100 day party after party and my son, Ben's art opening.

Ben's works are coming down next Saturday, so you still have a week to enjoy great vegetarian food and see the show. Let me know if you are planning a visit and I may meet you there.

If you did purchase one of the paintings or stencils, please contact Patty or me by phone or email or even post a message here. There is no urgency, but we want to help arrange delivery or pick up.

Art may not be necessary for life, but it can hold up a mirror that lets us see it more clearly.

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