Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I've seen the needle and the damage done" Neil Young

"I need a shot of redemption"

Paul Simon

I have been reviewing a medical education paper for publication on herpes zoster (shingles) with a special focus on the vaccine, a shot of prevention.  

My job is to critically read and edit the article, plough through the 30 or so referenced articles and make certain that they are all quoted accurately and in proper context. Next I check that no major articles or topics were omitted. My report is due next Tuesday, Nov 11, so I won't be writing much on the blog before then.

The vaccine for shingles is a good idea for most over 60, but not for those of us with suppressed immunity. That means anyone with any stage CLL. It also means anyone post transplant for a long long time. It's kinda like youth. Those who need it the most, can't get it.

I love doing these reviews. Takes my mind off my own issues and reminds me that I am still a practicing, if disabled physician.  It is good work, but not as good as direct patient care.

The holy trinity of medicine: Patient care, research and teaching. I have been lucky to be able to do them all. And soon, G-d willing, I will be back to them all.


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