Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walking against the Wind

The sand on the beach on Balboa Peninsula recalled snow drifts in Morin Heights, Quebec almost 40 years ago, and although the strong cold wind had a bite, its teeth were not the sharp canines that had cut through my flesh in a Laurentian blizzard.

Walking against the wind seems cleansing. Good to do, but tough.

Miriam, our sickly dog, seems brighter today. Her cancer can behave like that. Ups and down. Barry B. (see comment) suggested modified citrus pectin (MCP), and there are a few studies that look promising.  It may slow the growth of the cancer. So might the NSAI she is taking for pain. Not a cure.

I will pick the MCP up tomorrow. Thank you Barry for the tip.

Me? I too have my  ups and down. The imminent possible return to work is forcing me to reflect on what's been lost and gained over the last year. It will be a major shifting of gears, done before my masterpiece is painted and my  great Canadian/American novel is on top of the NYT bestsellers list.

Transitions are always tough.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Forman. Another chance to take measure of my progress. Now that's a word that cuts both way for those of us with cancer.

I better lighten up before Niagara Falls.

Yesterday my wife and I spend a wonderful afternoon with friends that I had not seen in 22 years. Fellow Canadians. We lived nearby in Claremont, and then they followed their dream to Hawaii. It had a lot to do with surfing. I even learned to surf from this old friend in my 30s.

It was so sweet to see how they had so fully self actualized, had lived the life they wanted. It was wonderful to see how gracefully they had slipped into "retirement". Much to learn. It felt good to reconnect.

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