Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Too much information running through my brain" The Police

Engraftment results, the Kings scoring drought, the local fires and smoke (we are fine), student jazz from McGill, analog versus digital music, Hollyweird CME conference, letters of references, appointments with editors and publishers, innovative medical devices, and critical developments on the faulty guidelines of the ACIP (CDC's advisory committee on immunization practice) are all screaming for my immediate attention.

I only have time to thank JC so so much for the great seats to Ducks-Kings game. And it was a surprise treat to see the W family. I've been to two games this year and have not seen the Kings score one goal. How pathetic is that!

More soon, on all of these. Tomorrow is yet another big day. Honestly, I am expecting stability or better, but hoping for a significant uptick in donor cells when I learn my engraftment results.

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Blogger Kathi Rollman said...

I just got on your blog spot for the first time. I have read through all your adventures and finished with this one. I am glad to hear you are doing well and I really wish the Kings would score too! Take care!

November 17, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

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