Thursday, February 19, 2009

One less worry

My PSA was rechecked. It had risen too quickly, but not too high over the last year. Like many things in medicine, it is not just the absolute number, but the rate of rise that shapes the result. 

The good news is that the result from this week has fallen compared to my last test on Dec 1, 2008, so prostrate cancer is off the table.  So am I am. That is another place I would not want a biopsy. Rolling up a sleeve is one thing for the doctor, but dropping your drawers is quite another.

I guess it is only the gallons of green tea and my anxiety that keeps me returning to the men's room.

Secondary cancers are an important cause of morbidity and  mortality in CLL. After skin cancer, prostrate cancer has a significantly higher attack rate in us guys.  A transplant also increases the rate of secondary cancer.

Listen, no one said this would be a risk free adventure.

I am relieved and thankful.

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Blogger Barry B. said...

Do you think green tea is still useful to take in advanced CLL? I certainly am stage IV, and I understood that it's only useful in stage one or two.

I was on supplements with EGCG for quite a while. It may have helped my counts stay stable. Before the supplements, I was drinking 10 or so cups a day. It's hard on the stomach in those doses, at least for me.

Good news on the PSA front. I also have to get a check. I see the dermatologist every six months because of the CLL, but I haven't been tested for prostrate problems for over a year.

February 20, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

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