Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good news

The platelet count today was identical to that of two weeks ago, namely a robust 314,000.

Even without my talismen, it stayed way up.

The rest of the blood count was good. Blood chemistries are pending.

Blood pressure is OK, not great, but OK.

My rituximab is scheduled to start next week at 500 mg. per meter squared x 6 weeks.

The plan is to kick the cancer while it's down. Switching my aim from the ITP to the CLL.

Also got my first dTap, that I am sorry to say, did not make my arm a bit sore, suggesting I am not reacting with much of antibody attack to the vaccine. My last dT (tetanus) was ten years ago until yesterday's shot.

That is why I am trying to procure the high dose flu vaccine, but with my recent rituximab and my CLL, I am not sure even it with a second dose in 6 weeks will help protect me, despite my immunity tweaked by the ranitidine trick of Dr. Hamblin.

This is especially likely since I will be getting rituximab the whole time. It would be best to get the shot before I restart vitamin R, but that may not be possible.

Even the passive immunity of the IVig makes all these important shots less effective. And with just plain old CLL, chances of a good response are dismal from the get go.

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