Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the road again

Chicago was cold and windy.

I was actually in Rosemount, out near O'Hare, and far away from the happenings in downtown.

I got to see the nice hotel and the convention center, and of course the O'Hare airport, again. I did have a great time at dinners with my friends from PCE and PCN who make me look good when I am teaching, this time a big lecture to some 400 docs on a pre-leukemic condition (MDS) and a more intimate interactive workshop on circadian rhythm disorders (shift work, jet lag and more).

I am home long enough to prepare for a webcast on MDS and a teleconference on some new treatment options for atrial fibrillation tomorrow. In the evening it's Hebrew school and I have homework that needs to be done.

The next day is my third of six rituximab 500/M2 infusion. The first two seem to be shrinking my nodes which were small to begin with and having no ill effects. Labs remain stellar, and my uric acid has fallen further to 7.5 with my change in my blood pressure pills. BP is still a bit to high, so I may increase my recently started losartan, an ARB than treats BP and lowers uric acid. I

n the evening is a class on medicine and morality from a Talmudic perspective, dealing this week with transplant. Rabbi Abba Perlmutter is another ex-Montrealer and a fine teacher.

And I have to vote. Yes on Marijuana!

The next day, an early morning flight to New York.

Before I leave, I need to plan my trip to Dr. Kanti Rai about what to do next about my CLL and get ready for my CME lectures. The lectures will be easy. Sleep apnea and MDS again, but the meeting with Rai is critical to my future. What will the sage of CLL say about my next step? Honestly, my last consult, almost a year ago just prior to the re-emergence of my ITP was disappointing. He was stingy with his advice. I deeply trust his insights. I hope I get some.

I will be in Long Island Wednesday through Saturday. Then I am gone 4 days the next week to Missouri, and 4 days the week after to San Francisco.

Today I must make some real progress and finalize decisions on my trip to China in January, my trip to the SF bay in November, and decide about going to ASH in Orlando right after speaking in Charlotte. I am thinking it's too much.

And a brief and easy vacation in December trip too?

And today is Halloween.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see that you are feeling good enough to be speaking and traveling.


November 2, 2010 at 3:32 PM  

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