Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frontline Therapy for CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia), And on Stress and Living Long

This week in The Basics section of the CLL Society's website, we’ve posted an article that I wrote about Frontline Therapy that what factors are considered when making treatment decisions for frontline therapy. You can view that article tomorrow here.

The next issue of The CLL Tribune will be available on Wednesday. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our first issue. Stay tuned for a special email alert!

A CLL Doctor List is posted in our CLL Toolbox. This list is composed of CLL physicians recommended by our readers. Thanks to those who have provided updates and additions since we posted it. We’ll be incorporating them soon! You can access it here.

It is not a vetted list, but a list from the readers.

I am in Ohio now for my every 12 week rendez-vous with Dr. Byrd and the team from OSU to check on the status of my tiny resistant clone. 

I am anticipating more good news- that things are all stable, but it is always a bit nerve wracking waiting for my lab results. My palpable nodes remain small, but I am tired.

I have been under terrible stress related to my work as a family doctor. That paid work, which I love and hope to continue for many years if at all possible, supports all my activities as the unpaid volunteer medical director of the CLL Society. 

I am wholly unconvinced that stress makes CLL worse. If it did, mine would have exploded by now.

From here, I fly to Tampa to meet with Dr. Javier Pinilla-Ibarz out of Moffitt to look at ways we can work together to help CLL patients and set up a support group.

Here's a little cool travel news- completely unrelated to CLL.

Guess who was standing next me in the custom lines when we returned to LAX from Lisbon? 

I was not more than 5 feet away from Mic Jagger who looked thin and fit and very healthy.  As I said, maybe stress and a frantic lifestyle is good for you.

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