Friday, September 30, 2011

North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma in Brooklyn

I have had a tough time deciding about whether to take a red eye to Brooklyn for the LRF (Lymphoma Research Foundation) patient conference just because I am so darn tired. The lymphoma folks always cover CLL/SLL as it is classified as a lymphoma. Confusing at first, but the cancer if of the lymph tissue and lymphocytes as it is in all lymphomas.

This educational forum will not likely present anything I haven't already heard or read, but it will review, update and give a fresh prospective.

They will be some fine speakers, but I have heard them all before, and there will be old friends, but there is always next year.

In other words, it will be worthwhile, but I could skip it and survive.

I chose the redeye to save some money. The hotel is expensive. The airfare isn't cheap. It's a lot of hassle, expense, and stress for one night in NYC.

And I am quite sleep deprived already between work and Jewish holidays and other commitments.

But if I can get a good night's sleep tonight, I think I'll go. I have until noon to cancel my hotel reservation, and still get a refund, so I can't delay the decision much longer.

If I do go, I will report on the meeting here.

I plan to not set my alarm tonight and sleep in. That may mean missing the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah services. I think G-d would understand. She wants to see me rested and healthy.

Services today were challenging and positive. And the shofar blasts were stirring and a call to action, to heal the world, starting by healing myself.



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